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is here at it is about our president. take back the house, elected democrats at every level of government and fight for our values for 100% of the american people. thank you. thank you, madam chair. [applause] >> thank you, secretary. the next item on the committee's agenda is the report from the credentials committee. i'd like to recognize co-chairs to give us an update on this. >> in a. >> thank you, madam chair. on the have of the rest of the potential committee we are honored to present our report. >> the credentials committee received a challenge to the election of dnc members from the state of georgia, and a challenge to the election process used in the election of dnc members from virginia. >> most of these challenges were received in a timely fashion, and reviewed by the credentials committee co-chair. after reviewing each of these challenges, the co-chairs determined that neither of the challenges have merit and the members under challenge were to comment to be properly elected members of the democratic national committee. >> with that, we now recommend to this body the adoption
honorable friend he was in that referendum was very much part of his manifesto of the last election. [shouting] >> in the interest of harmony i think we'll leave that to one side. >> mr. speaker, a constituent of mine with a chronic medical condition tells me that he is just 20 pounds a week to spend on food and clothing after paying his utility bills, and after april after the welfare cuts in april, he will just have to pounds a day. if the prime minister police we're all in it together, with the agreed to review the impact on the very poorest of the welfare cuts so that my constituents sacrifices are in line with his own? >> i will look very close to what the honorable gentleman says and the circumstances. let me just make the point, if you compare 2013 with 2010 in terms of the level of key benefits, it is worth making this point. and unemployed person on jobseeker's allowance is getting 325 pounds more this year than in 2010. a couple jobseeker's allowance, 500 pounds more. a single out of work mother, 420 pounds more to do with the opposition try and do, week after week, is som
can direct our attention these days, courtesy of our wonderful electronic devices and digital elect -- technology that we make choices that individuals and communities, friends, et cetera about what is interesting. so it's a question about what we choose to attend to, and how do we cultivate people to pay attention to these kinds of things. >> george, why don't you interview paris hilton? >> that we hilarious. >> meghan, what would you like to say? >> if i could just make a quick, because we've used as an example for complications, with christiana's brother-in-law is not only a very actual scientist buddies also mentors mental schoolchildren and has been doing so for the academy for almost two and half years now. so we are just going have a poster child of a great next generation of scientists. i just like to point the also really liked working with middle school kids. >> and his name is john, and he is sitting right over there. he's an accident educator. he is coming into my seminar in theology and science next week to explain stem cell science and cell biology to a bunch of gradua
as our elected representatives, please, please don't let us wait. god bless our brave men and women in uniform to this but i want to thank all of you for your testimony of sergeant for your courage to be here today to tell us your story. certainly acts of sexual assault under any conditions are especially hammes but committed by those in position of power and under the code of authority, they are especially reprehensible and we certainly appreciate you taking the time to be here today. this question is to ms. mcnally and ms. norris. the dod and military services have taken a number of steps albeit maybe not enough to develop a sense and refine the respect of sexual assault response programs. as individuals who are regularly involved with providing care such as sexual assault, what do you consider to be the trade mark of a good response program? >> thank you. a big problem is understanding why we go on reported, and i could see that the generals are putting their arms around this very same thing trying to explain that. and i can tell you speaking for myself and for some of the victim
for whomever is elected in november. and as someone who participated in the inaugural four years ago and we had absolutely no idea what we were doing, i can tell you that the folks at the jcic regardless of who the chair is and the folks at jt if you can are there ready for you when you walk in the door and really do a lot of the logistical lift. it's more our job just to make sure the president's imprint is put on the event, and one of the ways we do that is in the parade as the colonel mentioned along with all these military elements, there are 58 different groups, 58 different groups, floats and vehicles. these are from all 50 states. they are everything from the virginia military institute just across the river in virginia down in southern virginia which has march inside a number of inaugural parades all the way through a group, one of my favorites, a group from maine of unicyclists that will be joining us that i believe they are called -- let me give the name quite right, the gym dandies, gym, of of course, being spelled g-y-m in this case. so they will pass and review in front of the whit
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5